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Ques: I am a current active apprentice and I have moved – How do I update my contact information?
Ans:  Any time your contact information changes – please indicate the new address on your MWPR.  In addition, you can submit an address change form here.

Ques: I am a current active apprentice,  how do I apply for phased supervision?
Ans:  You and your employer must fill out the Phased Supervision form, indicating which level you are applying for.  Locate the next meeting date on our Area II’s Calendar, click on the meeting date (meeting dates are green), and register to be added to the agenda for the purpose of requesting Phased Supervision.  Both you and your Training Agent will be required to attend.

Ques: I am a current active apprentice – Where can I get the class schedule for this term?
Ans:  Check the Announcements Page.  As soon as the Administrator gets the class schedule – it will be posted.  You may also keep track on Area II Plumbers JATC facebook page .

Ques: I am a current active apprentice and I need more MWPRs - How do I get some?
Ans:  Register for this site, if you have not done so already, and log in.  You will find a blank MWPR (PDF) and an automated MWPR in Excel format that has been tailored just for you.

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Plumbing Apprenticeship Openings

Ques:  Are we currently accepting applications?
Ans:  Please check the scrolling announcements box on Area II Plumbers JATC Homepage or our Announcements Page.

Ques:  How often does the apprenticeship open for new apprentices?
Ans:  When all current apprentices in our program are working and there are no active apprentices on our out-of-work list, we will open the program.  When that might occur is very unpredictable and in the current state of our economy, we have no way of predicting or estimating a future opening.  However, if you qualify under one of the Exceptions, please contact us to schedule an appointment to pick up an application.  Veterans that have been honorably discharged within the last 24 months may apply and enter into apprenticeship at any time.

Ques:  How can I get onto a waiting list for the next opening? 
Ans:  Fill out our Waiting List Form.  You will receive a confirmation email for your records.  Enter all available contact information and when we have an opening – we will send you the announcement and instructions via mail and email.  IMPORTANT!  If you move or change your email address, please complete and submit the Waiting List Form again — make sure to check the “Address or Email Change” box. 

Ques:  How do I get an application?
Ans:  Applications are only provided during openings and must be picked up at the Area II Plumbers JATC office.

Ques:  I have a copy of my High School Diploma at home, will that work?   
Ans:  Yes

Ques:  Do college transcripts need to be sealed?
Ans:  No

Ques:  What will I need to bring with me when I apply? 
Ans:  Please see Required Documents and RankingSystem 

Ques:  What can I do while I am waiting for an opening?
Ans:  The higher you rank – the higher you place on the pool-of-eligibles.  The higher you place on the pool-of-eligibles, the sooner you will be indentured into the apprenticeship.  Therefore, anything you can do to to qualify for additional points, the better.  Consider taking college courses in blue print reading, algebra, geometry, industrial arts, drafting, and/or graphic design/art.  Other things you can do are – get and renew (as needed) your First Aid Certification; work for a plumber or construction company as a laborer, or any position you legally qualify for, and consider volunteer work in the construction/plumbing industry.  See Ranking System

Ques:  What happens after my application has been accepted and I have been ranked?   
Ans:  (1)  You are placed on the pool of eligibles  (2)  When all current active apprentices are working, the top person on the pool-of-eligibles list will be indentured when a Training Agent requests an apprentice.  (3)  When all applicants ranked above you on the list have been indentured, you will be the next in line.

Ques:  What is the pool-of-eligibles?
Ans:  The pool-of-eligibles is the list of applicants, in ranked order, waiting to be indentured into apprenticeship.  The pool-of-eligibles, per Area II Plumbers JATC Standards, may not be accessed until all current and active apprentices in good standing are working.

Ques:  What does indentured mean?
Ans:  An applicant on the pool-of-eligibles list becomes indentured when they are dispatched to a Training Agent and issued an apprenticeship card.

Ques:  Can I start my on-the-job training while still on the pool-of-eligibles?
Ans:  No

Ques:  Will you contact me when I am at the top of the pool-of-eligibles list? 
Ans:  The Area II Plumbers JATC administrator will contact you when a Training Agent requests an apprentice and you are the top person on the list.

Ques:  I am a master plumber from another state.  Do I have to complete the apprenticeship?
Ans:  If you are not from a state that has a reciprocal agreement with Oregon, then you have no alternative but to wait for an opening and enter into apprenticeship.  You may contact Oregon Building Codes Division or Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) to determine your rights and appeals process.

Ques:  But, I have been working in the plumbing trade for 20+ years in another state and all state of oregon officials are telling me I have to complete an Oregon Apprenticeship before I can take the exam?  Is there anything about this that is in my favor?
Ans:  Yes.  Due to your extensive experience (if able to provide documentation), you will most likely rank among the highest on the list. 

Ques:  What is a Training Agent?
Ans:  Plumbing employers that participate in our program are referred to as Training Agents.

Ques:  Can I find my own Training Agent while I am on the pool-of-eligibles list?
Ans:  No.

Ques:  I want to become an apprentice, but the plumbing business I work for is not a Training Agent with Area II Plumbers JATC. 
Ans:  (1)  Send your employer to our site to learn about joining the apprenticeship program.  (2)  Download the Area II Plumbers Training Agent application and provide it to your employer for review.  If your employer decides to participate in our plumbing apprenticeship program as a Training Agent, is then approved as a Training Agent, AND you have been employed with them for 300 hours – they can immediately add you as their apprentice and you will not have to wait for an opening or have to wait on a list.  Note:  Your employer cannot have been a Training Agent for Area II Plumbers JATC in the last two years.

Ques:  I found a plumber that wants to indenture me, but I have not worked with them in any capacity, can I still become an apprentice?
Ans:  Immediatly? (no)  Is your employer currently an Area II Plumbers JATC approved Training Agent (or have they been in the last two years)?  If so, you will need to apply for our apprenticeship program during an opening.  To determine if we are currently having an opening, please check our rolling announcements on the Home page or go directly to our Announcements page.  If your employer has not been an approved training agent with Area II Plumbers JATC in the last two years AND you have worked for them (in any legal capacity) for a minimum of 300 hours AND you meet our minimum qualifications, then the following Exception clause of our standards would apply: …the employer may select apprentices from those employees who have been on the employer’s payroll for at least three months (300 paid work hours) prior to the employer’s application for an apprentice, provided the employees meet the minimum qualifications.

Ques: What is a Traveling Training Agent? 
Ans:  A Traveling Training Agent is a Training Agent that is NOT in Area II Plumbers JATC’s geographical area, but does work in our area.

Ques:  I am a veteran.  What do I need to enter into your program? 
Ans:  We require a DD-214 that shows your honorable discharge date.

Ques:  How do I use my GI Bill toward my apprenticeship?
Ans:  Visit the GI Bill Website

Ques:  What Pre-Apprenticeship programs can I participate in?  Will participating in them allow me to become a plumbing apprentice any faster?
Ans:  Visit Oregon Apprenticeship and Training Division for approved Pre-Apprenticeship programs for Adults and Youth.  Completing an Oregon Apprenticeship and Training Division approved pre-apprenticship program within five (5) years of application to Area II Plumbers JATC will allow you immediate entry into our plumbing apprenticeship program – as long as you meet the minimum qualifications.

Ques:  I am currenly a plumbing apprentice in another area of Oregon and I am moving to Area II.  How do I transfer my apprenticeship?
Ans:  (1)  Have your current Area Administrator complete a “Letter of Good Standing” – ask for an original copy of it.   (2)   Complete the Area II Plumbers JATC Registration Form for Current Apprentices  (3)  Make a copy of your last MWPR, your ID card or drivers license, and your high school diploma/GED  (4)  Call or email the Area II Plumbers JATC Administrator to schedule an appointment to hand-deliver the registration, letter of good standing, and copies of your last MWPR, ID/ODL, and diploma/GED.

Ques:  How long is Area II Plumbers JATC Plumbing Apprenticeship Program?
Ans:  Typically, from start to finish is the equivalent of four (4) years.

Ques: Do I have to pay for school?
Ans: Yes.  As an Area II Plumbers JATC Plumbing Apprentice, you are required to pay for your schooling (Related Training).  If you are a veteran, you may qualify for the GI Bill

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Ques: How do I get my rerate – I think I have my hours?
Ans:  When an apprentice has accrued 800 hours since their last rerate, the Administrator will be automatically notified when the Rerate Report is run for the upcoming committee meeting.  Rerates are strictly governed by the Policies & Procedures for Area II Plumbers JATC.  An apprentice in good standing will receive a rerate when they have achieved 800 hours since their last rerate, their employer recommends the rerate, and the instructor recommends the rerate.   If you think your rerate was missed, please contact the Administrator.

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Referral to Take the Journeyman Exam

Ques: I have finished school and I think I have accrued the OJT hours required to be referred to take the exam.  Do I contact the Administrator?
Ans: It is not necessary to contact the administrator unless you wish to be added to the agenda to show cause why you believe you have met the minimum requirements.  When an apprentices has a very small balance of hours remaining (i.e. 50 hours or less), the Administrator will present the apprentice’s file to the committee for review, and possibly, referral.  If an apprentice is referred to take the exam, the administrator will notify them by mail and/or email.

Ques: I have been referred to take the exam, do I have to continue to submit my MWPRs every month?
Ans: Yes.  Until you pass the exam, you are still an active apprentice and MUST submit your monthly reports.

Ques: I have been referred to take the exam, do I have to continue to go to school?
Ans: No. 

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