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Credit Union for Area II

This is Great News!  IBEW/SJ Cascade Federal Credit Union has partnered with Area II Plumbers JATC to offer all of the benefits that come with being a member of a credit union.  To take advantage of this opportunity, please call (503) 581-6221.  Please note, only registered and active apprentices and training agents are eligible.  Click here to learn more about the Credit Union.



Standards Update

Updated Standards – revised 9/17/2014.   Added Minimum Requirement:

Must have one year of high school algebra or integrated math 2 with an average
yearly grade of “C” or better. A college algebra course that meets or exceeds high
school algebra, with a grade of “C” or better may be substituted for high school
algebra. A college math placement test which indicated placement in class Math 60
or higher may also be substituted for high school algebra.

Please be sure to download and save the revised standard.


Updated Standards – revised 4/18/2013.   The journeymen to apprentice Ratio requirements have changed:

 The ratio of apprentices to journey-level worker shall not be more than one (1) apprentice to the first one (1) licensed plumber journey-level worker in full employment for the first two (2) apprentices on the jobsite. The fab shop will be defined as a separate jobsite. Additional apprentices are authorized at a ratio of one (1) apprentice for each additional three (3) licensed plumber journey-level worker(s). (See ORS 660.126 (f))

Please be sure to download and save the revised standard.   The change is also reflected on our Journeymen to Apprentice Ratio page.


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