Women in the Trades


Ever wonder why women would choose to become plumbers? Are you a woman and do you want to know if you have it in you?

Watch this video production by Oregon Tradeswomen. It’s a wonderful opportunity to peek into the mindset of women plumbing apprentices. We love to watch as women share their enthusiasm and the values that drive them to success every day.

The self-worth these women feel, on its own, is reason enough to very seriously consider a career in the trades. Add to that the challenge, the money, the variety and the specialization and you’ve got a recipe for very happy and productive women.

Women make up half of our workforce and yet only a very small fraction are working in the trades. With all of the benefits, it’s difficult to understand why.

There’s often a misconception that plumbers spend their time de-clogging toilets. When, as evidenced in this video, the truth is–plumbers do just as much, if not more, building of new structures or remodeling of existing structures.

In addition, consider that most administrative jobs pay around $12 to $17 per hour. Then look at the average wage of a journeyman plumber–$27.86 per hour. Young women need to know that working in the trades is a viable and realistic option that could greatly improve a woman’s quality of life and project her into a career where many advancement opportunities may arise. That potential includes owning and operating their own plumbing business and helping more women get into the trade.

So watch this video. Learn what draws these women to plumbing–and if you decide you would like to become a plumber, please click ‘Notify Me!’ on the menu at the top of this page. Complete the form and submit it to be notified of opening in our apprenticeship.

We anticipate accepting applications for apprenticeship as soon as May/June 2015.