Payment Help

Help!  I got to Step 3 of 3 and when I clicked "Confirm Order" it sent me back to Step 2 - every time!

In our experience, when this happens it has been the result of a payment method being rejected by PayPal.  Here are some things you may want to check:

  1. Are you using the correct address?  Is the address entered right?
  2. Are you using a card that has not yet been activated?
  3. Are you sure you are entering the card number accurately?
  4. Are you sure you are using the right card security code?
  5. Are the funds available in your account?

As an example, one customer had recently acquired a new card to replace the old one which was about to expire.  The customer used the new card to make the purchase.  Each time the customer was about to confirm the order, the customer was looped back to Step 2 of the process or back to the PayPal page to start all over.

Because the customer's order never made it to the final payment agreement, no charges were occuring--but it was frustrating.  After repeatedly attempting to make this purchase, the customer decided to use the old card, which had not yet expired.  The payment went right through.

If you have tried two different cards and both are failing and/or if you continue to experience problems with the payment process and you are 100% sure you are doing everything right, please call us and we would be happy to try to help you fix the issue.  Please contact Wendy at 503-991-5203.

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